On my day off i had fun. I spent my day with alijah, rydir,oseii, and alexus. We all met up at Cecil B. Moore. We got on the 3 bus and we went to Erie to get on the train. When we was on the train Alijah and Rydir got in the middle of the train and they was scared.

We ended up at the Philadelphia Millz mall. Me alijah and alexus ran and was hiding from Oseii and Rydir. They came in the store looking for us. We really had fun. It wasn't no drama.

When we was on our way back the old man almost beat Oseii up. Then we went to 69th street and we took pictures. Oseii started crying after he got hit. Kysir came to meet us and he had got mad and left. Me and alexus went to 15th street with oseii rydir and alijah. Oseii was mad and he started yelling and he made us laugh and it was really funny.

That is what I did on my day off.

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