Considerations Before Renting an Office in Georgetown

Are you looking for office space to rent Georgetown? Georgetown is a fairly populated city and a prime location for setting up an office. Thus, looking for your first office can be such a daunting task. Whether you are looking for a small office in the local shopping strip, multiple floors in a high rise, or just a downtown warehouse, there are several choices and decisions that you must make.

What amount of space do you need?

Commercial rent is often charged per square meter. You must calculate the right amount of office space to rent Georgetown depending on the plans that have for your company. If you have plans to expand, incorporate these plans into calculation of the space you need. Take a small gamble, leasing too little space would be uncomfortable. However, leasing too much space would drain your pocket unnecessarily.

Consider an appropriate layout

You could consider having a funky open-plan, hot desks, or standard office cubicles among a list of endless layout choices. You should have futuristic mind when deciding this. For example, if you plan to hire four more members of staff, is there adequate space to place their desks?

Other considerations that you need to make include:

Will you need to have your own meeting rooms?

Do you need to have the office furnished or unfurnished?

Does the office have adequate toilets and kitchen?

Is there enough space for your IT equipment such a switches, routers, or telephony systems, and power systems such as the UPS?

Does the landlord have other plans for the building in the future that would cause you relocate?

Read between the lines

Read all that is written in the offer for office space to rent Georgetown. Check on what costs the property owner pays and which you will be expected to pay. These costs include fit-outs, repairs, and utilities. Ensure that you have an exact figure you will be paying for the office space you pick. Take advantage of incentives and rent free periods should you find any.

Location is crucial

The location of the office should be the best for your staff, business, and clients. It should be an area that is easily accessible by your clients. It should also be easy for employees to get to and from the office. In addition, consider neighborhood business, utilities and transport connections to other parts of the city and beyond. Furthermore, check the availability of parking space for your staff vehicles, company vehicles, and customers.