Thing I Want To Do During The Summer

Hey Peeps! This Tackk will be about the things I want to during the summer. So soon, I will be a 7th grader (finally!). But anyways I'm very excited about summer. So let's get started!

.Try out for cheerleading at school

. Take swimming lessons ( well I have to anyway because my daddy wants me to).

. Maybe visit my old bestie from preschool

. Spend the night with my godmother

. Travel (of course)

. Prepare for Honors Band. I play the flute. Honors Band is basically people who are gifted in playing their instrument. So hopefully my band teacher will give me a solo and I have until October to practice it and perfect it

. Spend time with family and friends.

. Go swimming a lot

.take tumbling classes

So yeah. I have a lot of plans or the summer as you can see. And I want to know what your plans are if you have any.

So leave a comment down below telling me your plans for the summer.

So Keep Calm and Go Infinity and Beyond!

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2 years ago

@RougeCaptain Thanks! You're so nice!

2 years ago

Sounds like a fun summer! I did cheerleading in 8th grade & loved it! Also did's so much fun 😄

2 years ago

+giphy cheer

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2 years ago

tumbling is soon fun! and you'll be fine in 7th grade, I'm just finishing it up.