What's a Tornado

A tornado is a rotating column of air

How are the formed?

When the air is warm and moist and warm and cold air meet and starts raising/falling depends on the density  and the tornado will form if there is low Pressure and it is some what windy. Often happen when there is a thunderstorm in late afternoon or evening.
Clouds: Cumulonimbus
Wind Speeds: Look in pic. below

Southern Wisconsin Tornado of 2005

Death and Injuries:

"One directly-related fatality was reported along with 27 injuries." (

6 confirmed tornadoes

Tuscaloosa Tornado

Deaths: 12
Injuries: 186

13 hours long

How did people protect themselves?

Went to the basement
Tornado Sirens
If it was in a house without a basement you would go to a room on the lowest level without any windows
Look at the Radar and news

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