Bleona Qereti

Bleona Qereti Loud And Clear

Although Bleona Qereti has been a star in her native Albania since the age of five, she is just beginning to make her splash here in America. Last year’s hit single “Take It Like A Man” got the nation dancing, while also making it to #7 on the UK dance charts, and this year’s “FUIF (F*** You I’m Famous)” encapsulates the rebellious and independent spirit which she has become known for. Early in her career when she was branded the “Madonna of Albania” because of her irresistible dance-pop, her elaborate stage shows, and her outspoken demeanor, Bleona was quick to correct the press by countering, “I am NOT the ‘next Madonna.’ I am the first Bleona.”

Already a pop music veteran in her home country, Bleona has recently relocated to the United States to focus on multiple music and television projects that will no doubt propel her into international superstar status. She has already made a guest appearance on Steven Seagal’s television crime drama True Justice, has collaborated with rap mastermind and Justin Timberlake producer Timbaland on her 2012 hit single “Pass Out,” and has performed at a private party for Donald Trump at his Palm Beach, Florida resort Mar-A-Lago.

Bleona has the ability to put anyone in a trance, which is evidenced by her powers to attract some of the most powerful influential figures in the world. She is no stranger to exclusive circles, performing for the world’s elite billionaire business executives, government dignitaries and rubbing elbows with top fashion designers. Bleona is lightning in a bottle and her energy is infectious, however she does actually take some time to rest and considers Paris and Milan her second homes where she can recharge her battery.

Bleona Qereti is laser focused on empowering people, especially young women to know their worth and encourages them not rely on others to measure their significance in the world. Her hit single “F*** You I’m famous” is dedicated to all the people who can’t get into clubs because they are not “famous” enough and is a mixture of parody with hidden societal truths. Bleona asserts “FUIF” will be the anthem of every 17-year-old girl on the planet.

As Bleona claims in her “FUIF” single, she aims to “Put the loco back in the locomotion,” and with her mixture of humor, determination, and attitude, there is no reason why she will not become as much a household name in America as she is in her home country. With song titles such as “You Weren't Man Enough for Me,” “I Run My Own Game,” and “You Deserved It,” Bleona’s clearly indomitable character should soon be speaking to the American public loud and clear.

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