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3.  Copernicus was a scientist who discovered that Earth isn't the center of the universe.

4. Why do we have seasons?

             The distance between the sun and earth changes.

5. In winter, the sun is closer to Earth, why isn't it warmer?

             The Earth's axis is tilted.

6. Explain how the cause of an eclipse of the Moon is different from the cause of the Moon’s phases.

            They both involve the sun, but in different ways. Phases are caused by sunlight hitting the moon at different angles.

7. Find a picture showing the causes of eclipses.

Lunar eclipse picture:

Solar eclipse picture:

8. Explain how come we have day/night.

                   Because of Earth's rotation.

9. Find a picture of a model of why we have day and night.

10. Define equinox and solstice

                   Equinox: Time in spring or fall when day and night are equal

                   Summer solstice: longest day of the year

                   Winter solstice: shortest day of the year

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