What do you know about it?

          Respect is a word that needs to be kept with us always. We live in a world where everyone is different, so it is fundamental to exist respect with each other. Inside the classroom is a good example since we have some cultures from several countries. Thus, we need to respect, for instance, all opinions, ideas, and religions. Outside is as a continuation of the class because we have even contact with more people.

          I can show respect being polite, patient and understanding carefully each person. I think what people need from me is exactly these, so I try to do my best for receiving the same. Small details result in a big respect. Inside our home is where start the respect. If I listen to my parents, accept their advices and understand them as also they understand me, we will have good examples to bring for the society.

          Once, I felt disrespected because someone started to talk bad things about my religion. I did not like it since I have never criticized other religion even in front of people. The person didn't know many things about Catholicism, so I had to explain it better and, probably, the person would not do it again. Religion is something very personal, each one knows about its importance. No one must discus about which religion is the best because for me, my religion is the best, what can be different for others. As a result, respect is essential, when exist it, we can live together and well.