The Escape To Freedom

Alexandria 12-18-13

'When that chariot comes i'm going to leave you. I'm bound for the promised land.''

Harriet Tubman said creating a new life for slaves. Harriet loved helping in the field with her Siblings and helping people, her moms name was Harriet Green also her fathers name was Benjamin Ross and her name was actually Araminta Ross. she was born in 1820 she passed in march 10,1913 she died by Pneumonia. when she was seven she got moved from her family to the cotton fields and she was cough eating a sugar square and got wiped then her sister got taken away the next because they wanted her to risk her life just to get food for the town there was no choice of saying no.

Time for ACTION

Harriet's first trip to freedom did not go very well she went with her brother and they did not know where to go so they turned back. The next day she went off by her self and when she got to Louisiana she met a white woman and she helped her escape because she did not like that people were slaves she sent Harriet to another person that was against slavery and that just continued until she reached a town where slavery was against the law and she said that the sun was gold and it felt like she was in heaven so that day then she helped people get to the under ground rail road. When people were scared she pointed a gun at there heads and said go or you will die so they set off for freedom and that's how Harriet Tubman came to be so famous.

what people think of Harriet Tubman now!

other intresting facts

People called Harriet Moses because of the actions she made.

she had a daughter named Gertie Davies here's a pic of her.

Harriet worked as a Union Army as a cook, a nurse and even a spy!!!

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