The Starting of this Project!


  • Each student had to make up their own question, my qualitative question was about detergent each student that's giving the survey was paired in a group and was sent to every other class so other student can take their survey. We all tallied the answers students choose with the question.
  • Why did I pick the question I've chosen? Honestly I couldn't think of any better question for my survey so I've just did my survey on laundry detergent.
  • What was interesting about the survey? This survey was interesting because most of the students had the same opinion about certain questions that was given.
  • What did I find? I found out that each and every other student thinks alike.
  • Was this something I expected? Actually yes because a lot of people use Tide detergent.
  • What class did I go to? I went to Mrs. Owens and Coach Cash class.
  • Did the students enjoy the survey? I believe they did because it gave them a little bit of free time of them not doing their work etc.
  • Quantitative: Involving or relating to consideration of amount or size. EXAMPLE: How many tvs do you have?
  • Qualitative: Involving or relating to distinction based on quality or qualities. EXAMPLE: What type of washing detergent do you use?
  • Below are example pictures of both Qualitative and Quantitative graphs.

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