Time to get back the control of your life!

Feeling as if everything was on top of you? Then wait no further. Help is at hand.

Do you feel like all the stuff at home is on top of you and you can`t breathe? Do you find it hard to control the clothes protruding from your wardrobe and fear to open the drawers full of paper work that needs to be sorted?

Then it might be a time to de-clutter.

But how do you start?

That`s where your fairy wardrobe godmother comes in. Aka moi. Why do all the hard work yourself when you can hire a help in hand and have fun at the same time?


Where: London, Watford, Rickmansworth area

What`s going on: You winning back your clear mind and tranquillity. Tackling the resistant content of your wardrobe and drawers together. Sorting everything out and finding a way for you to decide whether you really (but really) need/want to keep certain stuff. Bringing back the order to your life. It can be done and it can be fun.

So how is this going to work?

  • I will come to your house and we will have a quick chat about what your expectation are and what you want to achieve by the end of our session.
  • We will empty each compartment one by one, lay the content out on the floor, sort through it and put it in the appropriate pile. We will put back only the important things that really matter to you. Sounds difficult, but I promise you, it is not.
  • Organise 'likes with likes' and put stuff where it belongs, decide on our next steps. I think after a good hard work you deserve to reward yourself - a little something from me to you.
  • I will teach you how to let go of stuff as I know from my own experience that it can be hard. I have been there. If you still feel that you need my help for another session, we can arrange that too. Now observe your new clean and organised space. Don`t you feel lighter and your head clearer? What a great feeling this is!

P.S. It might involve cakes...

How much: £25 flat rate for 3 hour session for the first two people (note: it is this low as a one off for the booking between 31. March - 7. April, because I am beta-testing this service. Usually a service like this costs well into 3 figures, but in return for your feedback I will get your wardrobe and your headspace crystal clear. Only available to 2 people, and only this week so if you have ever wanted to get out of the 'I have too many clothes everywhere but nothing to wear!' feeling, drop me a line).

Click here to contact me for more details if you are interested. Don`t forget that this is a special deal and available only to 2 people for the week of March 31.

The hardest hurdles can be overcome with an accomplice, all that`s missing is YOU.

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