American Airlines Flight 587

Chad Lennox

On 12 November 2001, at about 9:17 am, American Airlines flight 587 crashed into the Belle Harbor area of Queens, New York, shortly after taking off from JFK International Airport. The plane was on a scheduled flight to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. All nine crew members and 251 passengers on the aircraft were killed, including five infants. Five people on the ground were also killed.

As far as financial loses due to this even goes, apporximentlyfour houses in Queens, New York was destroyed. Which supprising only resulted in 5 casualties. Thankfully this flight was rather early in the morning, so most of the people living in this area would of already left for work hours ago. Also, quite obviously the entires aircraft was lost in the crash, due to the crash and postcrash fire. The two engines of the plane dislodged as the crash occured, on striking a gass station and causing minor damage, the other nearly totaled a boat in a near by residents driveway.

Now, as for who's fault this crash was is still a mystery. This is because there are two conflicting parties who blamed eachother for this incident. The two parties are Air Bus (The manufacturer of the airplane of the crash) and American Airlines. The first statment is as follows, American Airlines blames the crash on the faulty design of the Airbus In dustries aircraft, saying that the plane has a design fault that was well-known to the manufacturer long be fore AA 587 crashed. Now, AirBus on the other hand said that it is the training given to American Air lines pilots that is flawed. And since the The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) wont release a final report on the crash, there is no way of knowing who is at fault for this crash.

The physics behind this crash is fairly simple. So basically, The pilot simply took off to soon after the previous plane, which resulted in the air wake of the previous plane still being present in the current planes flight path causing it to have major turbulence. Which the pilots tried to correct for, but the turbulence got too strong and ended up ripping off the vertical stabilizer. This resulted in the crash of the plane, because it is nearly impossible to fly a modern commercial airliner without the advanced technology that helps stabilize the aircraft.

After the resulting casualties, financial losses and further critization of Airline companys certian changes in airline policy, and aircraft devlopment were changed. One of the main regulations was the standy by, or wait time each plane has to wait to use a runway after a previous plane has taken off on it. Then due to this crash, and many others that followed, American Airlines and most of the other airlines started to re-vamp their training procedures. Making more requirements, and stricter manual training. Manual training is very important, because yes, the planes in most cases have auto-pilot and fly themselfs, and due to this, at this time pilots were very losely trained, and that is why i think a lot of the plane crashes in the early 2000's and earlier occured. But with todays focus on manual training, which is emergency training every pilot endures that teaches techniques that they can use to try to possible aviod certian malfunctions that can occure on regularly scheduled commercial airlines flights.

By: Chad Lennox

Period 6


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