The Career Of Photography

From research that I have done, here in Gresham, OR, the average salary for a professional photographer is around $25 an hour, which I come to think is a pretty good price to take pictures.

As a photographer, traveling is good. You can get great pictures that are ready for selling on the way and once you get there new jobs can open up for you. I would like to be a nature photographer so anywhere I go is best. Although a lot of people want to be photographers and there are a lot you can always get a some sort of job for it. There is never ending photos for you to take. You could take a picture in the same place as another photographer and get completely different pictures, only minutes apart. but you have to be creative. You have to be able to see the beauty in things that other people don't. You have to watch for the right moment to take the picture, the right lighting and the right setting. If you can do all that then I believe this is the right job for you and I wish you great luck.