My photo essay


It all starts out in the city when I was in 6th or 7th grade. I wasn't always so giggly and happy until my sophomore year. That is when things started to change. They started changing a lot for to better. I made some mistakes sure!. Do I regret some of my mistakes? Of course I do! I am a human being.

Inner Character

I am a kind, sweet, loving person who is very smart and cares about her friends and occasionally has a bad day. I am also very compassionate towards animals and wouldn't harm a fly. I love animals, especially my dog, Duke. To me  he seems so sweet and loving which reminds me of myself in a lot of ways. He doesn't like sharing his food which is just like me!

My attitude towards people really depends on how they treat me. If they blow me off, I will blow them off. If they are rude to me, I ignore them. Most of the time I am a sweet loving kind person who loves people back. I also am a very strong in my faith. I love being a Christian and I represent it in my everyday life.

If i were to use a symbol to describe me, it would be a dolphin. I love swimming. I also love the beach. No matter where I go, if there is water, I will be there. If there is sand, I am there.  No matter where the water is, I am there in the water. It is my life. I love the water!

outer character

Rachel is a beautiful young lady who seems sweet and carefree on the surface but the closer you look, the more complex she is. On one hand, she laughs and giggles and loves to take care of people. On the other hand, swimming with more thoughts, feelings and emotions than one can imagine.

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