Hunger Games? Or Hunger for Money?

By Olivia Zimmerman


In 2010 Suzanne Collins released a world wide famous book known as the Hunger Games which sold almost 600,000 copies. But what she doesn't know is that her booksellers earned 20% more than she did.

Is This Unfair?

Is this unfair to her or not? I believe it is unfair, for many reasons I think this. First I think this is unfair because she does ALL the work on the book. She has to come up with the book idea, then write it, revise it several times, and THEN she gets to publish it. The booksellers are earning 20% more than she does and all they do is ship the copies to book stores. Suzanne Collins should be earning much more money than she actually is.

How Much Does She Deserve?

I personally feel that this wonderful author should receive at lease 45%. Which is how much the booksellers are getting. Now I realize that 45% is a lot of money it is almost 3 million dollars but I feel that she deserves it, after how much work she put into the book.

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