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Arlene and the elders contribute with each other and creates many oppertunities for their communities to help the younger kids learn more and for the younger kids to keep their language going. They wanted to increased more each day, Arlene tried her best and has a lot of hope for the younger students to keep going and not stop speaking there language.


- Speak there original language everyday at home.

- They improve more each time they learn.

- They are trying their best to also learn more.

-They are both native Indians.

-They both are smart.

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3 years ago

Arlene creates hope through contributing with the elders, she only speak her language at home to her kids,Arlene is also trying her best to also learn more,she is also smart. This helps me see that Arlene is smart and she knows what to do by helping her kids and other kids keep their language going. This also helps me see that she is trying her best because of all the things she did for her people.

3 years ago

I disagree with your first connection. Junior and his family speak English at home.
In the video, Arlene says at the beginning that she feels her "ancestors are cheering me on." Do you think Junior feels the same way?
In the video, she says that she works with an elder to learn her stories. Does Junior learn from anyone?
Also, you say "Arlene is also trying her best to also learn more,she is also smart." I agree with you. Is there a connection to Junior?