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5 Classroom Tools for Mobile Learning

Mobile Education Technologies are Rapidly Changing!

New classroom mobile technologies are being developed right now! It is essential that teachers are aware of the changes taking place in the mLearning world. Below are some of the new mobile technologies that you may see in your classroom.


An online publishing tool that makes creating and sharing of user-created content accessible. WordPress uses a template system, which makes the entire platform very user-friendly.

In the classroom, WordPress is often used by students as a way to document their continued progress in a course or series of courses. It is also used as a classroom newsletter to communicate to parents about the learning that is occurring in the classroom. Further, teachers use WordPress blogs to interact with other professionals, or even with their class.


Layar is an augmented reality tool that developers can use to add additional digital layers within non-digital spaces. Third party developers create the necessary platforms for users to experience the augmented reality.

In the classroom, this has enormous potential. Once the initial platform is developed, students can use the app to make printed works digital. This has benefits with in-class handouts, as well as in textbooks. By using Layars, a teacher is able to include vastly more knowledge within a reading assignment. Also, the use of Layar engages the student and ensures that they are not overwhelmed by the amount of reading to do, by providing the information in the form of layers.


Wapple is an online tool that allows users to create their own mobile site. The layout is straightforward and relies on simple point and click features. Further, it's setup allows the mobile site to work on any type of mobile device.

This tool has enormous potential in the BYOD movement. If a teacher is able to make an online website for mobile apps that works with all a mobile browsers, then BYOD will experience much greater success. Currently, one of the major problems with BYOD is that different mobile devices experience different levels of success with each website or tool used.


mobl21 is a tool that allows educators to create content and share that across a variety of mobile devices. Students can then access the course material anywhere. Also, mobl21 allows students to download the lecture material straight to the mobile device. From here, students can access the material without needing access to the internet. It makes studying and accessing information much more convenience.

Teachers would be able to use this tool to complement their LMS. By making their lecture materials and course objectives accessible to their students, the students can better engage with the class. Teachers could add each unit's information before the lecture is done, As each unit is added, students have access to the past material for studying. It is especially helpful for students who are not naturally organized.


Audioboo is an online tool that allows people to record audio and then post it to a variety of platforms. It also allows teachers to upload audio recorded from their mobile devices.

In the classroom, students could be introduced to this tool as a way to manage any lectures that they record. Likewise, teachers could use a mobile device to record the lecture and then post it. This could be especially helpful to students who are away from school because they are sick or on vacation. Audioboo can then post to Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, ect. Thus, Adioboo would make a great addition to the class website.

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