if you have tin your guaranteed to win!

why do you want tin?

tin in a super important material needed for survival of the fittest. This element has so many good properties.  One property is its hard structure that can be used for food containing weapons and even trade to get along with others. Someone bothering you? no problem! use your tin to make weapons. need a home? that's a breeze! you can build structures and a home to live in with this fine material.  you'll have no worry's about your food. food will  be hard to get and you don't want it to just drift into space. use this to store your valuable items by building boxes or containers for your food. the possibilities are endless! don't worry because if you have tin yuour guanranteed to win.

ways to use it:

Biologically your body has no use for tin but in other ways it is a wonderful thing to have. You can trade people for it because of its high qualities  and wonderful help. It's functional need is through the roof. All the things you can make with it go on and on. There is no limit to what you can build with tin including weapons and tools. Defensive  properties fall into the weapons and things you can build this is a hard material and can be molded into what you need.

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