The Space Race
By:Will M
(This is a historical fiction story)

I'm James.I live in Cape Canaveral Florida.I really wanted to watch the space ship take that would start the space race.But my mom said I couldn't because I had chores i needed to finish. So i watched it on TV.I heard them counting 10,,,,,,,9,,,,,,,,,,8,,,,,,,,,7,,,,,,,,,6,,,,,,,5,,,,,,4,,,,,,,3,,,,,2,,,,,1,,,BLAST OFF! I was so excited to watch it.Then the camera zoomed in on the pilots face he had the biggest smile.

Then at the last moment the ship didn't take off!

I heard the commander yell,"WHAT IN HEAVENS HAPPENED!!!!!" The TV camera zoomed in on all the people their mouth's were to the ground.

My dad was a engineer the second he heard the commander scream he jumped in his truck and drove off to the blast off zone.I saw my moment and jumped in the trunk of his truck.When we got there my dad jumped out of the truck and started inspecting the ship.I noticed a screw loose.I knew my dad would find it.So I stayed in the trunk.

Then he couldn't find out what was wrong.

His boss said,"If you don't find out what is wrong your fired!!!!"

Right at that moment I jumped out of the trunk and said,"There is a screw loose!!"After I told them what was wrong I watched the ship take off from the commanders zone.

Then I got famous! I James was a famous 12 year old.