End of Year College Project

Scholarship Essay

"Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher, life is already filled with those who want to bring you down" Oprah Winfrey once said. The world needs good people to spread the optimism and will to make better choices to other people. To also influence others to make moral and ethical choices.

The world needs good people to spread positivity to others. Good people benefit the world by lifting the spirits of people who are suicidal, depressed, or in any type of bad situation.  They give them hope and make them feel like there are many good people in the world. Making those people want to become good also, so they can help people and spread the positivity to people who were once in those situations. Also good people try to help the world by being there for others and protect them. For example, good people like cops, fire fighters, people who join the army to fight for our country, and many more people who want to protect others.  

Good people also influence others to make more moral and ethical choices. Better choices for others around us and for our environment. This clearly states the importance of good people by more and more people wanting to make more responsible choices like them. So this will eventually lead to a better world by people helping each other, protecting each other, and making smarter choices towards the environment.

Good people are important to this world for making better choices and spreading the positivity they have. The more good people there are in this world and the more good people that influence others, sooner the world will become a much better place.

Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

Alexa Leon and I have been very close friends since we were small. I am qualified to write this recommendation for her because I know her better than anyone else.

Alexa is a very intelligent, kind, caring, leading, and independent young lady. She is very qualified for any position she applies for. She is a leader among others and gets her work done and on time. She makes sure that everyone does their share and most of all she puts in her absolute best into her work. Alexa is also not a slacker, she puts 100% effort in anything she does. She always wants to make sure that anything she does is the best and stands out. Intelligent is a perfect word to describe Alexa. She is a top grade student that got almost perfect grades in school.

I highly recommend Alexa because not only is she very hard working she has a wonderful heart. She has such a beautiful personality that she will never let you down. She will bring such great benefits to your company that you will not regret hiring her.

If you have any other questions or concerns about Alexa Leon please contact me at (915)123-4567.


Jacque Garcia


Jacque Garcia


9237 Tierra Valle




My goal is to be a sports agent for professional athletes.


Elementary/Middle School -Paso Del Norte(2004-2014)

High School- Pebble Hills High School(2015-present day)


AB Honor Roll, MVP, and Silver Presidential Awards.


>(December 2014-present day)

>Selling Products

>Family Company

Job Responsibilities:

Persuading others to buy products and having responsibility of taking  care of products. Also handling money and selling all products in a certain amount of time.



>Hard worker




Letter of Intent

Garcia, Jacque Danae

8967 Tierra Valle

El Paso Texas 79938

May 18 2015

Vincent Cornell Thomas

Educator (9-12 grades)

2506 Doug Ford Dr.

El Paso Texas 79935

Dear Vincent Cornell Thomas,

My name is Jacque Garcia and I have been notified that you are looking for people that are interested in being a sports agent. I would be perfect for this position because I am a very out going and hard working person. I will benefit you by creating a name for your company with my client and I.

I would like to be a sports agent for professional athletes. I have my Masters Degree in Sports Management/Promotion. I have been a intern at major sports agencies such as SMWW and CAA.

I hope you take me into deep consideration for this position due to my past experience and knowledge in this work field.

Job Application