Columbia University

Mascot: Roar-ee

Columbia's History

Columbia University was founded in 1754 as King's College by a charter of King George II of England. It is the oldest college in the state of New York and the fifth oldest of the United States. Classes started in July of 1754, with a class of eight students. In 1776 classes came to a halt because of the American Revolution for eight years. It reopened in 1784 as Columbia University. Columbia University had to closw its classes again during anti-war protest for the Vietnam War in the 1960's. In 1937 it moved the collage moved to its current location.

Fight Song

Admission Requirements

Percent of Applicants Admitted- 7%                                            

  Test Scores: 25th / 75th Percentile.                                                

  SAT Critical Reading: 690 / 750.                                                      

SAT Math: 700 / 790.                                                                        

  SAT Writing: 690 / 790.                                                                      

ACT composite: 31 / 34.                                                                    

ACT English: 32 / 35                                                                           

ACT Math 29 / 35

ACT Writing: 8 / 10

Tuition and Cost

Undergraduate: Tuition $23,423 per term                                   $717 Student Life Fee.                                                                  $416 Orientation fee, 1st term only                                    

9th Term Undergraduate: Tuition Per Point $1,564

Juilliard Exchange: Tuition $2,660 per term

International service Charge: $50 per term

Transcript fee: $105 one time only

Withdrawal few: $75

Housing for Undergraduates: $7,418 / $9,470 per year

Dining charges-

Meal plan A: $2,210 per term

Meal plan B: $2,050 per term

Meal plan C: $1,298 per term

Meal plan D: $997 per term

Late registration fee: $50 or $100 per term

Late payment charge: $105 per term 1.5% cycle thereafter

Campus Life

There is almost 500 clubs and organizations to join

31 varsity teams

Dozens of community service organizations

You can take part of Varsity Show, a student-run production

Build a Formula one race car in the Society of automotive engineers organization

You could of witnessed president Barak Obama take office on the steps of the low library.

Degree Plan: Music

•MUSI V2318 Music Theory I

MUSI V2319 and Music Theory II

•MUSI V3321 Music Theory III

MUSI V3322 Music Theory IV

Select four terms of ear training from the following:

•MUSI V2314 Ear Training I

MUSI V2315 and Ear Training II

•MUSI V3316 Ear Training III

MUSI V3317 and Ear Training IV

•MUSI W4318 Ear Training V

•MUSI V3128 History of Western Music I: Middle Ages to Baroque

MUSI V3129 and History of Western Music II: Classical to the 20th Century

•MUSI V3400 Topics in Music Society

At least two 3000 or 4000 level electives

The remaining points are to be earned through 2000-, 3000-, or4000-level courses subject to these constraints:

No more than 6 points of 2000-level courses

No more than 4 points of instrumental or vocal lessons or participation for a letter grade in

•MUSI V1591 University Orchestra

MUSI V1592 and University Orchestra

•MUSI V1598 Chamber Ensemble

MUSI V1599 and Chamber Ensemble

•MUSI V1618 Columbia University Jazz Ensemble

MUSI V1619 and Columbia University Jazz Ensemble

•MUSI V1624

MUSI V1625 and World Music Ensemble

MUSI W1517 Keyboard Harmony and Musicianship- MUSI W1518 Keyboard Harmony and Musicianship, when necessary, count against the 4-point maximum in performance before any other lessons

Career Information

Career: Musician

Career Description; In this career you go on tours around the nation and perform in front of a paying crowd.

An Orchestral Musician base salary:  $28,000 - $143,000

Salary is also based on the symphony orchestra you join

There is a low demand for musicians. There are currently about 160,000 musicians in the U.S. Symphony orchestras though have auditions yearly.

There are little job requirements. You need a high school diploma and you need to be able to play a musical instrument well or be able to

Cover Letter

Robert A. Peiser

Houston Symphony Orchestra

615 Louisiana St #102, Houston, TX 77002

May 19, 2015

Good afternoon Mr. Peiser,

I am applying for a spot in the Trumpet section in the Houston Symphony Orchestra. I am writing to set up an interview in regards to the open spot of your Trumpet section.

I have eleven years of experience playing and reading music. Many applicants may have the same or more years of experience, but what make me special is what I have done during those eleven years of playing my instrument. I have been given the Most Outstanding Musician award which is given to the best player in the ensemble in middle school, high school, and college. i made all region, all the seven years I tried out for it and made all state the last two years of my high school years. I have made it to state solo and ensemble three times. I also made it into the joint program that Columbia University has with Juilliard. i have many other achievements that I have earned throughout my eleven years of experience

I know music makes the world go round and hope to produce music in your great symphony orchestra. I feel that I am a great candidate for the open spot in your orchestra and feel that it will allow me to expand my knowledge and music, and give me the ability to learn what I need to become a better musician. I hope that you can meet me in an interview so I can show you my interest in your orchestra further

Thank you for taking your time to read my letter and possibly allowing me to meet with you.


Cristian Alaniz

12500 Tierra Limpia

(915) 504-0199 (home)

(915) 019-9504 (cell)

Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern,

I write this letter of recommendation for Cristian Alaniz to be enrolled at Columbia University. He has shown time and time again that he is capable of doing great things, especially in the subject of the Arts, particularly in music. His display of efficiency and talent for music is without boundaries, and has shown his willingness to learn. His education outside of the arts has shown that he can not only pass, he can excel. He is a role model to all of his peers, and he uses his leadership skills to reinforce his peers. He is great inside the classroom, as he is very hardworking and does not willingly quit.

Mr. Alaniz has shown great intelligence and aptitude in his studies that far exceeds anything considered “average” or “normal”. His desire for having a meaningful life is something that drives him towards his success and has never acquitted Mr.Alaniz. This is a student that I highly recommend to go to any university he wants, because he has shown time and time again that he can excel in anything that he has been taught.

This is the perfect student to teach. Mr.Alaniz has been able to perform even the most adept challenges set in his way. I believe that he will be able to excel at Columbia University, or any university for that matter. If you need to know more, my contact is or (915) 888-9999.

Caleb Traweek

Band Director

AP World History

Art Teacher


Cristian Alejandro Alaniz

12500 Tierra Limpia, El Paso, TX 79928

Phone: (915) 504-0199 E-Mail:


Obtaining a spot in the Trumpet section of a symphony orchestra that allows me to show my musical talent.


El Dorado High School Band 2014-2018

I played my instrument for four years. i performed in multiple competitions and concerts.

Columbia University Band 2018-2022

I played my instrument another four years for Columbia and also preformed in multiple competitions and concerts. I also did studies on music while at Columbia University.


H.S. Diploma 2014-2018

El Dorado High School

Top 10%

Bachelor Degree of Music 2018-2022

Columbia University

GPA: 3.87 Cum Laude

Dean's List 2018-2022



Team worker


Plays the Trumpet, Baritone, and Guitar

Fast learner


Great Communication Skills


Band director/Mr. Tomczuk

El Dorado High School


Band Director

Columbia University


Persuasive Essay

There are many candidates worthy of receiving a scholarship to an university such as Columbia, Juilliard, and other prestigious colleges or universities. These candidates all have attributes that make them stand out from their peers. The candidate best fit to receive a scholarship to any of these prestigious colleges or universities is myself. My characteristics surpass many of the other candidates. My dedication, intelligence, and drive for knowledge are some of my attributes that make me the best candidate for a scholarship.

Few men and women have high dedication to what they do or what they are in. In everything I do, I give one hundred percent and more, of my time and effort. If I really enjoy an activity or organization I will deal with the hardships and pain that it has. I have been in band for seven years and plan on doing it in college. I rarely missed a rehearsal or concert and love going to each and everyone of those rehearsals and concerts. Most of the hardships that I faced during band were all mental. I am currently still in band and plan on doing it in college

To many knowledge is power. I am a very knowledgeable man and will pass all my classes. if you grant me a scholarship you.wouldn’t have to worry about me failing my classes. In all four years of high school i have maintained a 4.0 GPA. I have never failed any classes in any of the twelve years of school so far. My lowest grade ever has been a low nighty to a high eighty. These grades in middle school and high school were all earned, not in regular classes, but in pre AP, AP, or in IB classes. An example of an organization recognizing my intelligence was in middle school when Duke allowed me to take the ACT test, which I scored highly on.

Not only am I intelligent I constantly want to learn more. As a child and even now I always watch the History channel to learn more about the past that is not taught in the state’s curriculum. Another example of my drive for knowledge is that I have learned how to play the Guitar, Baritone, and Trumpet, and still plan to learn more intruments. My drive for knowledge will make me an excellent and active student in your school. This will make the difference between any other student at your school there just to get a degree.

In conclusion I feel and hope you feel that I am the best candidate for a scholarship to your fine university. the reasons I feel I am the best candidate is that I have pure dedication, intelligent, and that i have a drive and passion for knowledge.

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