1 What will 2015 Hold for you ? Our world?
2 Back to the future 2 was released in 1989.
what will be look like 26 year from now?
what do you predict for 2041?

In 2015 will be look like great and beautiful year for me ,and for our world.  
May be in 2015  the world creat new technology for us we support them because of new year new thing .
          I predict after 26 years I thing their is a lot of changing for our world  because of our generation is to smart for creation something new. example to much technology ,machine and increase the amount of  people  .
                     I predict for 2041  their is no more school every bad get ,eduction by online at home because of to much technology and free wireless at home.

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3 years ago

Great ideas, Demitu. Let's be sure to have Mr. Adam, a friend, or me go through your writing with you to look at writing errors.