The Drop of Honey

Taha and Suleman

There was a king who was having his breakfast and the minister was there and he was telling current affairs of the city. The king was having his breakfast while a drop of honey dripped down on the floor. The minister asked to clean the drop of honey but the king refused and told him that the servants will clean it. The drop of honey dripped on to the street. A fly landed on the honey and started its breakfast. Then gecko came and starts chasing the fly. Then a cat came and started chasing the gecko. There was a dog that saw the cat and leapt. Then the cat and the dog started to fight. The minister asked that should he stop the fight but the king refused .After that the owners of the animals came and started fighting. Then the friends and family joined the fight .The minister saw the fight and panicked and told the king to stop the fight but the king refused and said its not their task. Soon the soilders arive and started to stop but after wards they also started taking sides.Civil war broke out and destroyed the country.The king realised that all of this happened because of the drop of honey.

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