Be Calm and Say No To Phishing

Stay Safe on The Internet
By Connor Morgan

1.Before giving any personal info to a web site always read the privacy policy and ask an adult.

2.tell a parent or guardian if I come across any disturbing info.

3.Never try to meet someone you are friends with on the internet unless you know them.

4.Don’t post pics online until you have parent permission.

5.Do not buy anything from online stores without parent permission.

6.Do not respond to any text or email that is insulting or rude.

7.Ask parents before downloading games or opening any emails.

8.Ask adults before doing any research on the web

Because of bad websites online.

9.Do not participate in any online chat rooms unless an adult is in the rooms.

10.When making a screen name do not add personal info.

Internet safety is very important because it keeps you out of harms way on the internet.Internet Safety keeps your info private if you follow all the rules of the web. When you don't follow Internet Safety rules you could be in a lot of trouble because people out on the internet that steal info from people could come to your house or something's even worse. When you obey internet safety rules you will be just fine on the internet, but you always have to be careful because some bad people will hack and/or steal everything you have just by taking a little info about you. Also try to stay away from any bad sites or any inappropriate sites to stay safe. If anyone you don't know sends you a hurtful email or text that makes you feel scared or unsafe follow the internet safety rules and tell an adult. Never forget the internet safety rules because they are the most important thing to know about the web.

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