John Dreshar S&E Marketing Final

Topic 1: Most important things to do when building a music career without record label

There are not very many artist that become famous with out another company helping them. But the very few that do, realize what they needed to do and how they needed to do it. I think one of the most difficult things to do as a music group is build a fan base without spending millions of dollars to do it.

A good way to find a fan base is to create a relationship with your audience. Just how any normal one on one relationship works is you need to make it personal. An audience looks up to artists they enjoy, it would mean a lot to any individual to meat and personally connect with their favorite artist. Social media can make this a possibility. Communication is a key to a personal relationship. If your audience can speak out to you and you can speak out to your audience, the possibilities are endless.

Always be remembered. This is another main idea to keep in mind because any band can have a one hit wonder and be at the top for a short time, but it never lasts. Artists need a way to keep people interested while they are coming up with their next album or single.

Macklemore is a great example, he did not sign with a big record company and still sold well over 4 million copies of a single he had written. This article will help explain how he succeeded in the music industry.

Topic 2: Movie Poster

This movie poster is successful for a couple reasons. First the poster gives its viewers somewhat of an idea of what the movie could possibly be about. Its dark, partially black and white which shows that its a serious movie where something goes wrong. The actor is holding a gun, and has a very serious look on his face, showing that he has a purpose and a job that must be completed, almost foreshadowing the plot of the movie. The quote in the middle of the page also presents what kind of plot and foreshadowing, it tells us what happened before this movie and what is going to happen in this movie which some viewers find intriguing. Liam Neeson is a famous actor, and has a reputation of being in action pact thrillers, which also gives the audience an idea of what the movie is about. The bold bright red letters in the title are an attention grabber up against a black and white background. All these little details of the movie poster make the movie successfully advertised.

Topic 3: Movie trailer

The movie trailer for Boondock Saints has all the details you need to grab an audiences attention, and interest them into watching the movie. The beginning of the trailer includes a couple of good scenes from the first quarter or third of the movie that can give you an idea of what is going to happen in the movie. The scenes after those are scenes that will appeal to the audience that they are looking for, in this case, action, gang, and gore related.The next piece of the trailer, which is probably one of the more important pieces is the climax or cliff hanger that leaves the audience to imagine what will happen in the end, which is what brings the viewers to pay to see the movie. When I watched the trailer for this movie, it made me want to go out and watch it the next opportunity i had. That is why it is a great example of a movie trailer.

Topic 4: Amusement park Marketing Manager

I am the marketing manager of a very successful Amusement/ Theme park. We are located in Minnesota which means we are only open about 5 months out of the year. We open in the spring around May and close in the fall around the end of October. Our park consist of different types of rides and roller coasters, carnival games, and concession stands. We charge a standard rate just to get in, you can use all the thrill rides as many times as you can get on them, and you have to pay extra for the concessions stands and carnival games. That is how we make our money.

Standard rate to enter our park changes throughout the season. At the beginning of the year, people are the more antsy to get in and enjoy our park after the long winter, therefore our prices are the highest they will ever be (60 dollars per person). We offer Season passes that allow people to come as many times as they want throughout all 5 months. People are attracted to this idea because they can basically choose their price for each time they go. I charge one price for the season (400 a person) for as many times as they can go, the more they go the cheaper each visit will cost. Farther into the season, the season pass price will decrease but not by a lot.

Customers on their birthday can come to the park free of charge for the entire day, and they can get up to 6 friends in 40% off the original entrance charge, however the concessions and carnival games are still full price. This will get more people to come to our park and hopefully bring them back again and again.

We will have our park logo and advertisements on restaurant menus and billboards along major highways. TV commercials and celebrities can visit and we will advertise these occasions.

My park is unique because i have the largest roller coaster in the united states. No other park has a roller coaster as big as mine. This will attract dedicated roller coaster riders from around the world. Bringing in more revenue.

These specifics include all what a successful marketing manager would have at a good amusement/ theme park.

Topic 5: Top 3 marketing strategies for TV shows

I have three main marketing strategies that I think are important.

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