Branden First or Last

created by Bailey lowe

Branden with the skin of a dry dreadful desert

Branden of the dry farmland of the south

Branden who’s the one that is always there to lend a hand

Is the person who stands in the background

Walking like nothing’s wrong even as the people shake with fear

Running from him as if he was just as an earthquake

Walking as the ground quakes beneath his feet

Torn from years of abandonment

Seeing that he is not there

Branden running from everyone who wishes to help him

Running to help the people with an extended hand

Running even as to help them they turn their back on him

Because he is different on the inside and out

Branden inside is gentle and kind but with an outside of stone

Inside he is always home for he lives no where

Inside has no mother or father cause the don’t recognize he is there

Is he gentle or is he a brute for he is neither

Running and fighting but neither

Hiding being cleaver and smart

Running and hiding from his scars

Looking at his bruises that tell his story

Tarring at the seams for the people that need his help

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