7.MEH.22 Stress Management

Stress is a real big deal. Every body has them from parents to teens, & teens to kids
stress is caused by hard video games, work, parents, etc.

This tackk will teach you how to get rid of stress.

To manage getting stress from a video game you need to do this... cut off the game and take a 1 and a half hour nap. But when playing video games for too long you may have the chance of getting a headache which you will need to take an ibuprofen.  

Students have to get an education and that's where homework comes in. No student likes homework so here are some tips to get rid of stress made by homework.
1.) Get a family member to help you
2.) Put up the homework and wait till your ready.
3.)Make a game out of homework

Last but not least family. Family can make you get stress if there fighting, or if there bombarding you with errands.
Follow these steps and you'll be stress free
-Lock your room door and listen to music
-Stay at a friend's house for some days
-do things you never done before  

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