How are floods formed?

Floods can happen anywhere there is rain. They usually take hours/days to form and usually occur after hours of heavy rainfall.
They can also happen in coastal areas after a storm or tidal wave.

Flash floods can happen within a number of minutes. Usually caused by a dam or levee.

Historical Floods

1927 flooding of the Mississippi
It was caused when the levees around the Mississippi gave way.

More than 48 inches in parts of the city. 23,000 square miles of land were submerged!
The flood killed about 500 people and left 60,000 homeless.

1998 flooding of Southeastern Texas

The flood killed 31 people. 30 inches of rainfall were recorded in between October 17 and 18.

Comparing and Contrasting

1927 had much more deaths than the flood of 1998. The floods also happened at different times in the year and in different places in the U.S. They both occurred near a river. The flooding of Southeastern Texas lasted a day, but the Flooding of the Mississippi River was spread out over a few months.

How Humans Prepare for Floods

Technology helps prepare for severe storms in the future so that we can prepare/evacuate. People can easily learn what is happening on the news. We can look on TV or our phones if there is a possibility of a large rainstorm that is coming towards us. Humans have also learned how to build homes specifically to stand against floods. We can build raised homes without basements in areas where floods are common or use stronger materials when building our homes like cement.

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