8.2 Reflections - Problem #s 19 and 20

A. Brown - Math II with Mr. Kirkland

Problems 19 and 20 listed below are from Pearson SuccessNet in the Math I Textbook. To access the Math I Textbook in Pearson SuccessNet, click the button below.


Leonardo da Vinci would have asked me to work on my letters and to make my writing less sloppy. Also, he would ask me to make both of my sentences the same size. Usually, people who are right-handed tend to write from left to right. So, since da Vinci was left handed, he wrote from right to left, opposite how someone who is right-handed will write. Leonardo didn't view things as normal people would. He liked to stand out as a different person. So, it made since to him to write backwards to someone who was right handed. He thought that since the left hand is opposite of the right hand, he should right backwards since writing backwards is opposite from "writing forwards".


1. One object we use in everyday life that reflects objects is a mirror. We use mirrors almost everyday. You use it when you wake up in the morning to get ready for work, or use them to see behind you when you are driving in a car.

2. We also use reflections in Math. As you see in the diagram below, a triangle is reflected (or mirrored) over the y axis.

3. We also see many other things reflected in our everyday life, although we don't realize it. For example. In the picture below, the landscape is reflected in the water of a lake.

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