I'm graduating and you're invited!

I hope to see you there!!!!

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                                                              Please Read!!!!

The graduation is on May 30, 2014. We will first have the breakfast from 9:30 - 10:45 ( THERE IS FREE FOOD!!!!!!)

The we will all gather in the church for the ceremony at 11:00 AM. The graduates will be receiving awards, diplomas and making speeches. You are gonna take pictures of me and my and my class and see how amazing we look!!!!

Then at night we are all gonna come to the  Renaissance hotel, looking really hot  and then party all night long !!! The party at night will start 7:00 o'clock. Then we have to leave by 1:00 AM.

This is all I know so just come and have an; amazing time celebrating me finishing EIGHT YEARS of school here!!!!


we are gonna party all night long!!!!!!

We are gonna party hard so bring good shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to say that I'm happy to graduate, I am, but I love this class so much I don't want to leave. We have had a tough year but we still made the best out of it. We stuck together no matter how much we didn't like each other at times, when our dear teacher Mr. Lindsey passed away. I would like to say fare well to my class and I love you all.

Thanks for watching!!!!!!!

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