Pediatrician Career

Luke Kingsborough

Description of a Pediatrician

A pediatrician is a doctor for children. They usually work in their own building, work in a hospital, or with other doctors renting out a building. They get to help little children, and teenagers, get better.

Required Skills

Pediatricians have to be able to communicate well with little children, tell by there body language and mannerism that something is wrong with a child, and most of all they need to be able to communicate well with the parents of the patient. Talking with the parents is as vital as talking to the child because the parents probably care a lot more than the pediatrician.

Educational Requirements

You need 4 years of undergraduate courses to get a bachelors degree. Then 4 years of medical school to get a MD (doctor of medicine) or a DO (doctor of osteopathic medicine). Then 3 years of being an intern to a medical place such as a firm or hospital. University of Texas in Austin has a great medical school, and University of Houston has a great medical school as well.

Salary Expetations

First starting out as being a pediatrician you can make $135,000 per year. Then as you grow the salary can become $175,000 per year.

Future Outlook

Getting a job as a pediatrician is not very hard because there is always a need for doctors somewhere. Also you can make your own firm just about anywhere. Being a pediatrician will not die out as your career goes on.

Benefits and Similar Careers

The main benefit of being a pediatrician is working with kids, and the least important is the salary. The most similar career to being a pediatrician is being a primary care doctor.

My Reason

I chose the pediatrician career because I like working with little children. Also I like to somewhat connect my self with the Biblical Luke that was a doctor of medicine. I think I would make a good pediatrician because I am dedicated to anybody that needs my help.


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