I chose Mongolia for this project because I have never learned about Mongolia and I wanted to learn more about how they did things differently in their country from how we do things in America.

Mongolia has a population of over 2.6 million people. The capital of Mongolia is Ulaanbaatar. Tsakhaigin Elbegdorj is the great ruler of Mongolia.  Mongolia has a Parliamentary government and a republic type of economy. The name of currency in Mongolia is called turgik, one turgik is equivalent to $0.00054 U.S dollars. The literacy rate for Mongolia is 97%, and the GPD per capita ranking in the world is 104. For many people living in Mongolia the average life span of a person, both make and female is 69 years old. Mongolia can speak many languages some examples are, Khalka  Mongolian, Kazakh, Chinese and Russian.

Mongolia has many tourist attractions, but I chose the three most appealing ones to me. One attraction I think is awesome is Bayan Zag, which is a very famous body of water that  is beautiful and you can dive into the water to see all of the creatures underwater and the water bed. The second attraction I think is beautiful is called the Terelji National Park, the name basically explains it, the park has many beautiful sights to see, I especially would love to see the different types of flowers and wildlife that life there. Finally, the third awesome and beautiful sight to see is the Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts, here you can experience a lot of Mongolia's traditions and culture that has been passed down from generation to generation for many years.

There has been many historical events that has happened in Mongolia, but I decied I would write about the top three most important in my opinion. The first important event took place in the year 1571, Mongolia had ended a 300 year war with China. Second took place in the year 1691, most Khalkha Mongols accept superanity of Manehus, absorbed into Chinese. The last event that took place in the year 1750, this is when the Chinese divided Mongolia into two parts. The two parts are northern (Outer Mongolia), southern (Inner Mongolia). A current event that has happend in Mongolia is that a set of dinosaur bones found in Mongolia got smuggled into the United States and has recently been announced that the bones will soon be returned to Mongolia.

I fell my country's economy is sucessful. One company located in Mongolia is Talkh Chikher, which is a bakery. I think my country can make more freedom rules to improve their economy.

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