Gun Control

Are you for it or against it?

The Second Amendment
(the right to bear arms)

There's always two sides to certain issues and this just happens to be one. You have the NRA which is against gun control and pressures the government to NOT pass the gun control laws, and you have the National Gun Control Inc, Led by Sara Brady, who wants all guns for example, handguns, shotguns, and rifles controlled by the government.

I think that their should be some laws on gun control but not as many as the majority of them want. When the National Fire Arms Act was passed in 1934 which banned "Gangster Type" guns and sawed off shotguns. That Act was a good idea i think. And in order to sell guns, you should have a license.

The 1968 Gun Control Act which made it so that you can't carry a gun in a federal building, a school, or convicted felons can't carry a gun, was a very good Act!

The Brady Bill's... Now I don't completely agree or disagree with them. But I do agree that they have the right to do a background check on anyone who is trying to by a gun, but I do not agree with the fact that you had to wait 5 days to buy a gun. They also should ask you why you would like to purchase a gun, therefore they may be able to stop criminals who want them. They should make it to where private sales are illegal, that would bring crime rates down..

Not Everyone Who Purchases Gun's Are Bad.

The Virginia Tech in April 2007- 33 dead, A 23 year old who was raised in the US, but not a Citizen. He could legally buy a gun... Bad Choice..

Heller vs. DC 2008- Dick Heller wanted to be able to own a handgun, and he felt that his rights were being denied. A 5-4 vote ruled in his favor, to be able to own a handgun and the right to bear arms are individual rights.

A recent event:

This event has different opinions, and I understand that people feel unsure and unsafe, but maybe we should worry about getting rid of gangs and gang members.. The guns don't kill, The people do. Worry about the people who kill not the weapons or the innocent people.!!

"Guns Don't Kill, People Kill."

WE as humans should be able to own a handgun and or any other guns, without the government completely taking control. The government should only be involved if it's dealing with a felon or someone who has a brutal plan. WE should be able to protect our families and feel safe within our community. They should worry about all the felons and such that have guns, not the people who are good with them. The Government does not need to ruin our lives and our freedom just because certain people don't approve. It's not fair to US! I would feel safer being able to legally carry a gun on me, I have experienced two of my family members being shot, my Grandfather and my Uncle. That doesn't change mine or theirs views. My Grandfather still handles guns almost every day of his life. I'm against the government trying to take our rights away!!

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