Vietnamese Potbelly Pig

                            -Vietnamese Potbelly pigs are a dwarf swine breed-

Country of origin:   they were developed in the 1960's from the  breed of Vietnam. They were originally brought into Sweden and Canada and have  moved into a number of different countries.

Color markings: Colors range from solid black to solid white, with a variety of spots in between.

Purpose: Originally, they intended to supply the pigs to zoos, but a private buyer interested in the pigs as pets started the porcine pets on their way to worldwide distribution and fame.

Climate tolerances:????????

Unusual characteristics: Full grown potbellied pigs weigh an average of 70-150 lb. with some reaching 200 lb. or more; they average 3-ft. long and 15-inches tall. Full growth is not reached until about 5 years of age.Their average weight is close to 100 lb., and they do not like to be picked up or held. Unlike cats and dogs, pigs are prey not predators, so being lifted up or restrained causes them extreme alarm.

External Anatomy:

Elbow, Foot, Pastern, Cannon Bone, Knee, Jowl, Snout, Head, Ear, Neck, Shoulder, Forerib Area, Back, Loin, Rump, Tail, Vulva (Gilt), Ham, Stifle Joint, Rear flank, Hock, Dewclaw, Sheath (Barrow), Teats, Belly, Fore Flank, Side

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