Valentine's Day Cards

January 27th, 2014

I really like this card because it is a very creative and fancy card. It shows that you went over the top for your valentine.

This card is very simple and cute for valentines day. You could cut them up and give them to different people or cut them up and give each of them at a different time to your valentine.

I'm love with this card because it is the most creative, cutest, and simplest hand made card I've seen. I think it shows you took time to make it for them.

This card is the most creative and unique valentines day I have seen, because nobody would have never thought of making this as a valentines day card. And it really shows how much you actually care for them because of all of the time spent making the cards.

I really like this card because the design is really simple but cute and I really like how the meaning is on the card, but also at the same time its a cute poem.

BAD #1

This card is really ugly because its just so predictable with the red hearts, red background, and the cursive handwriting. Its pretty typical.

BAD #2

This card is so ugly and bad because anime has nothing to do with valentines day. IT'S HORRIBLE.

BAD #3

This card is to cluttered and ugly, because of all of the times it says "Happy Valentines Day" and all the different fonts.

BAD #4

This card is so weird and ugly, because of the different colored words and the ugly font

BAD #5

This card is too cheesy and so 1970's.