Climate Change Is Manmade Because We have Terrible Brains

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People need to learn how to control this earth!!!!!!!!!

I believe that humans cause climate change, because of all the things we do to this earth. The causes are our car exhaust, the trees we cut down, and the factories that we build. With this said, humans cause climate change and this is shown through facts over centuries of evidence and I’m here to tell you these facts.

One human cause is the car exhaust blowing pollution through our air that’s causing the greenhouse effect and the pollutants we breath. Do you really want that heating our earth? Do you really want our glaciers to melt? Do you really want our sea levels rise? Do  you want our ocean heating up?  Do you really want that in our body? That’s what I thought. YOU DON’T!!!! That’s why we should have different cars with water powered motors. We are getting there with electric cars; we can go farther.
Another cause is the trees we chop down, and ruining our habitats just to have citys. REALLY PEOPLE!!!!! Why are you trying to kill us? It’s just wrong. Also another cause is how we have SO many factories. They are going to ruin this world, and with us on it. Our whole population will be gone, so say bye bye to the world because it is going to happen, and we are all going to die. DIE I TELL YOU!!!! Thats whats going to happen to us, unless we can change our behavior. We should not have to go through these human disasters. We should not have to go through global warming, and we need to get that through our heads.

We all have our own opinion, but these are facts.That’s what is going to happen to us. How do you feel about us now? YEAH thats what I thought. You don’t like it. SO PUT A STOP TO IT. We have to stand up for what we believe in and protect this world, but we won’t do it like this.

Tackk it up!

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