Animal oddities

Calib Hawley Team 7-3 Omaha Zoo trip May 1, 2014

The hammerhead shark has a big appendage on it's head that has an eye on eachend

fish adaptations                                         species adaptations

1 swim bladder                                           1 long, streamlined shape

2 fins                                                             2 large, powerful flippers

3 gills                                                             3 lungs

4 scales                                                          4 thick skin

5 long mouth for eating algae                 5 short, razor sharp teeth for ripping fish to shreds

The red toed tree frog has red, sticky feet that help it move around the jungle.

amphibian adaptations                          species adaptations

1 can breathe through skin                    1 sticky red toes for climbing

2 lungs                                                         2 slippery skin so it can't be caught

3 strong legs for hopping                         3 green skin to blend in with the leaves

4 gills                                                            4 eyes on side of head to get a wider range of vision

5 nictitating membrane                           5 colorful to ward off predators

The komodo dragon has a poisonous spittle that help it kill its prey.

reptile adaptations                                             species adaptations

1 cold blooded                                                      1 poisonous spittle

2 scales                                                                  2 strong legs

3 back bone                                                          3 long dragging tail

4 hatch from eggs                                               4 long tongue for smelling

5 breathe air                                                        5 small ears for good hearing

The peacock has eye like patterns on its feathers to confuse predators.

bird adaptations                                            species adaptations

1 hollow, lightweight bones for flying      1 eyes on the side of head to see all around

2 tail feathers for flight control                 2 beautiful feathers to attract mates

3 sharp beak for catching mice/rabbits  3 the feathers on its back look like eyes

4 long toes for perching on branches       4 colorful feathers to ward off predators

5 good eyes to spot they prey from the air 5 keening wail to warn others of predators

The orangutan has fingers on it's feet as well as it's hands for climbing trees.

mammal adaptations                                   species adaptations

1 take care of they're young                         1 strong arms for swinging on vines

2 feed they're young milk                             2 fingers on they're feet for swinging

3 give birth to more than one baby            3 thick fur for keeping warm

4 have fur to keep warm                               4 flat teeth for crushing bugs

5 big brains for outsmarting they're prey 5 live in groups for protection

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