about Chronic Myeloproliferated Neoplasms cancer.

what this cancer can cause and does

This cancer makes the bone cells in your leg to make to many red blood cells.This cancer doesn't kill you directly by the cancer. the death possibility is quit low.  It usually causes thrombosis which that can lead to death.


A treatment option is when people take a sample then try to solve that sample with chemicals. If a tumor is made ,which is usually the case, a treatment option could be radiation. This is when a radiation machine is put over the tumor and the radiation shrinks the tumor and the tumor gets small enough to be defective.

death rate and survival rates.  

The survival rate is 1.06 per 100,000 years that is allot of survivors.   This is because this cancer stops growing fast and is in remission or a decrease in the cancer cells.  


It can paralyze you for life or for a long period of time. It can effect the way you walk so when you do walk it hurts really bad. The tumor can scab then scar to were it rubs when you walk.

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how it multiplies.  

his cancer spreads through the body by making your cells multiply too fast and the cells can move to different places in the body.  This is called metastasize, or the spreading of something in the human body.   this cancer only spreads in the leg bones.  

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