Exploration to North America

My proposal for your majesty, King Henry VIII

Your majesty, King Henry VIII

Good day, your majesty! I, Jessica Lin, am here to request your help, support, and gold. I am from England and I request of you, King Henry VIII of England, to fund my exploration. I want to go to North America in 1540 to find the resources that I believe you are in need of. The main resources that, I believe, my country is looking for in this time period is gold and natural resources. Gold is very valuable and many kings and nobles are looking for it. I also believe that England needs more natural resources. While I am at North America, I will look for lumber, gold, natural resources, oil, and maybe some plants. I am choosing to look for lumber because lumber can be used to heat homes and fires. I need to keep my king warm and cozy right? I am also choosing gold to please, you my majesty, the king. I chose natural resources because it seems that England doesn’t have much of this. I think we need oil because oil can be used to light lanterns. I will find plants because I know that around England, there is not much clean air and more plants would create more air for our magnificent king! To find all of these resources, I have chosen to go to the eastern coasts because there are a lot of lumber/trees and plants in that area. Gold would be pretty difficult to find anywhere so my best bet would be near the Eastern Woodlands. Oil could be found near Mexico which is only a bit south from the eastern coast. Plants and natural resources will also be easy to find in this area. I need your help as soon as possible, your majesty, for many other countries bordering us are also in need for these things! Spain and France are also exploring North America so I must be quick to claim the land and resources before they do. The other European explorers will also be looking for gold and natural resources. So I must beat them to the gold and claim the land for my country! I might meet up with some of the explorers from the other countries and if we are in disagreement then I would try to compromise but, if I must I will slay and blood must be shed. Also, for this voyage I must need some supplies, your majesty. On the trip to North America, I may not have enough food so I will ration the food but, given enough so hunger is satisfied. Same with water and medicine. I may wander away off path so I will request the most accurate and up-to-date compass and maps possible. I may have damages in my ship so I will request materials for the ship. I shall also bring many things to trade with the Indians to become friends with them. There may be death aboard ship so I will bring many crew members with me on my voyage. Thank you, your majesty for your time and I hope you may support me and fund my trip to North America! Good bye, your majesty.

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