The Differences Between Judaism, Christianity, and Islams


Judaism Book

The Judaism religion   has a book called the Torah representing all the stories in the Judah  religion, such as the David story and when the man was thrown into the cave full of lions and managed to survive.

The Christian Book

The Christians call their book the Holy Bible which has some similar stories to the Torah, except the  fact there two different religions and the Holy Bible also includes the story and tale of when Jesus is born.

The Islam Book

The Islam book is called the Quran. This book includes all the rules the Muslims have to follow while praying and the story of Muhammad   when the angle asked him to start a new religion.

Christian Leaders

The Christian leader in the mass or the usual day to thank and pray to God  is called a  priest  or pastor. Pastor comes from the story in the bible that tells when the angle comes down and tells a  sleepy pastor that Jesus is born on the night of December 25.

Islam Leaders

The Islam religious leader  is called the imam. They lead the  day to worship and well on the day they worship and pray to the God called Allah.

Judaism Leaders

The  the day to worship you god leader in the Judaism religion is called the Rabbi they lead the prayers and and lead the head of the communities religion.  

Christians Place to Worship

The Christians worship in a church, full of  statues  of god and Jesus and a large image of  the crusifed   god.

Judaism Place to worship

The Judas pray to God in a wall called the synagogue in Jerusalam. _ we didnt finish because it didnt save

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