Conserving Food

Presented by Aliyah, Morgan, Irelond, Sofia

Reasons why we chose this idea and why it is beneficial:

1. Saving food can also save money

2. There can be more food in the world.

3. The food we waste could be enough to feed starving kids around the world.

What the cafeteria man said:

* Most of the trash cans are full of unwanted fruits and vegetables such as salads and apples.

* Four whole trash bins are full of trash bags each day, ready to be sent to the trash mountain.

Facts and information:

* Over 30% of the worlds food supply is wasted

* All of the world's food waste could feed 3 billion people.

* An average American wastes 40% of their food.

What needs to be changed to conserve food at West

* There should be an option of whether the student wants a healthy side or not.

* Even though this isn't food, there should be reusable food trays.

* The food that isn't eaten should be sent to a shelter.

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