By: Carol Gorman


Games is a non-fiction book by Carol Gorman that takes you on the adventure of two bullies becoming friends. Both boys have a dad that is kind of crazy/out of control, Boots dad is single and abuses/ does not take care of him. One day the boys get in yet another fight but this time hen they are sent to the office there is a new principal, Mr.Maddox. When Mr. Maddox hears the story he tells the boys that as their "punishment" they will have to play games with each other every day at 11:00.  When they come out of the office Mick runs into Tabitha the girl him and Boot have been competing for, she invites him to a "date" under the bridge after school. When Mick gets home he gets his stuff ready but lately his parents have been fighting, when he gets down to the bridge Tabitha is there and on the date they kiss. The next day the boys play games and after school Tabitha asks Mick to go get a soda with her and they do they head down and when they get there they see Boot. Mick and Boot don't actually end up fighting after Boot confronts him about dating Tabitha, they end up playing a game called dare ware they give each other outrageous dares. Boot goes first and dares Mick to dump red paint all over the library which Mick really likes because the people there are nice to him and he likes to read, Boot says that he will meet Mick at the library at 10:00 and that Boot will bring the paint. At 10:00 both of the boys are there and Mick is asking himself whether or not to do it because he really likes the people there and the library but he also likes Tabitha. He ends up painting the door, wall, and statue that him and his grandma love, the cops show up and everyone runs. They do not get caught but the next day Boot knows he has it coming Mick ends up daring Boot to steal something from the music store that he has a similar connection to as Mick did with the library. When Boot steals from the music store he ends up getting caught and the owner of the store which is his friend bans him from the store. At school the boys end up finding a door that leads into a tunnel under the school that leads yo the janitors office, it is cold, dark, and there are mouse droppings all over the floor. Micks mom ends up deciding to move out and finds an apartment to live in so they can separate from his dad who has a drinking problem and constantly does not show up the next morning after he was out. Boot decides to take some money from his dad and goes to buy a ticket for a singer him and the store owner really like hoping that he will forgive Boot. When his dad finds out that Boot took the money he gets really mad and kicks and punches Boot, Boot runs away and by now him and Mick don't have each other and don't fight as much anymore. The next day Boot does not show up at school and Mick thinks it is just because he is sick, when he finds out that he ran away Mick knows ware he is. Mick goes to school and finds boot in the tunnel with blood, bruises, him having trouble hearing, and a hurt arm. He quickly goes to Boots house and goes to get his dad he shows him ware Boot is and his dad feels really bad, and is kind to Boot from there on and him and Mick are friends.

Theme, Charters, Conflict and Resolution

The theme of Games is to be nice to others and give them chances because you might make friends with them. The main charters in Games are Mick, Boot, Tabitha, and Boot's dad. The conflict in the story is that Mick and Boot dislike and fight each other it is solved by punishing the boys in an unusable way and bringing them closer together.

Ms.Carney's 4th hour ela
By: Kylee Kiernan

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i enjoyed your amazing book but i didnt read it