Brighton Beach Memoirs

by: Ashley Alfaro

The Great Depression

The great depression had initiated in the year 1929 and lasted about ten years. People had trouble finding a job since companies were failing to sustain them with wages. In 1933, millions of Americans were unemployed and the banks began to shut down. It was going to take a lot to turn the economy back around to its normal state. When World War II occurred, the demand for supplies increased giving some the opportunity to work.

College then and today

If Eugene were to attend a college in this era, i think American University would be a great option. Tuition is at a total of $21,278, not including other expenses. Room and board services are at a total of $6,201.00 dollars per year. Books can range from 250 all the way up to the 700's.  This is really different from the 1930s since the costs have elevated through the roof. Back then the tuition was only about 420 dollars and the books were $35 at the least. The mascot for American University is the Clawed Z. Eagle. This can be interpreted by showing students they can soar high for their goals.

Other expenses in the 1930's

The cost of gas back then was at a low of 18 cents per gallon! Almost everything in the grocery would not go over a dollar. It seems like change must of been really valuable back then! To buy a new car you would only need $500-1,200. It's incredible how much things have escalated after a few centuries.

Stan's apology letter

Dear Mr. Stroheim,

  I am truly ashamed for presenting actions towards you in such a disrespectful way. My pride had taken over me, but I promise it wont happen again. My mind was roaming with senseless things and it isn't fair I took it out on you. Hopefully by the end of this letter you can consider taking me back, I really need this job.

  Back home my dad busts his back trying to bring money into the house and I myself have to help him. If i lost this job my family would go to the ruins and end up living in the streets. I could never reach high standards with an honored man such as yourself.  I shouldn't be one to disrespect your rank considering I wouldn't even place for one.

  If you accept this apology and give me my job back, i promise you there will be no task that's too hard to complete. You will never hear a complaint slipping through my mouth along with disrespectful body language. I will be at your services whenever and wherever you need me. I'll work extra hours and other people's work if it's necessary.


                                                                                               Stanley Jerome

Broadway Show


This Broadway show captures the magic of the original Disney film that takes place in Agrabah. With a magic genie inside a lamp, anything in imagination can become reality! The tickets for this show range from $49.50 and up. Their first performance was on March 20, 2014 while their first international show will start in May 2015. Seeing live action can grasp the audience and pull them in to experience the story.

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