Sojourner Truth
By:Vincent and Mark

Background- She was born in New York Circa in the year on 1797. Her Father got captured from Africa and brought into the U.S. She had 18 brothers and sisters. The family was owned by Hardenbergh. They all spoke dutch. When Truth was 9 years old she got sold multiple times to other slave owners and final ended up at the owner ship of John Dumont.  At this time she learned the English language. She fell in love with another slave and they had a girl named Diana.  Later on she was forced to marry a man and they had one son and 2 daughters. After that she escaped slavery with he two daughters but her son stayed behind and was illegally sold to another man. She then made the man go to court and won the case and became the first black woman to win a court case against white man.

Accomplishments- She delivered the ain't I a woman speech at the Ohio Woman's Rights convention and was also first African american woman who won a case against a white man to successfully recover her son who got sold illegally at an slave auction.