Japan Journal 1


I am in Japan and have just experienced a typhoon, but luckily a local teenager has allowed me to stay with him and his family.

He tells me about how the weather and the different landscapes affect the lives of the people in Japan.

Most of the major cities in Japan are along the coast which means that that is where most of the population of the country lives.

They believe that nature and the typhoons  protects them from enemies, and that the sun rises above their land first, before anywhere else in the world

There was an Indigenous group in Japan called the Ainu. Their belief system revolves around nature and the four elements- Water, Air, Fire and Earth. They believed that Fire, water, wind thunder, animals and plants were gods and that when someone died their spirit would live in one of these elements. This lead to a close relationship with nature and even though the Ainu were assimilated a long time ago that relationship with nature continues in Japan today.

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