I read the book the face on the milk carton. This was a really interesting book and recomend it to everyone who enjoys a thrill type of book.

The main characters are

- Janie Johnson

Janie is a fifteen-year-old girl with wild, red curly hair. She is shy, lactose intolerant, less talkative than her parents, and wishes she were named Jayne Johnstone.

- Reeve Shields

Janie's next door neighbor and love interest; good looking, good listener, protector; he and Janie are good friends before they become romantic with one another.

- Miranda And Frank Johnson

The parents who raised Janie; they provided her with everything she could possibly need or want. Despite how much they provide for her, they do not spoil her; they seem older than most of her friends' parents.

- Hannah Johnson

Frank and Miranda's daughter; involved in a cult; identified as Janie's real mother, but likely kidnapped Janie at a young age.

- Mr and Mrs. Spring

A red-headed family from whom Janie believes she was kidnapped; the book ends with Janie contacting these people and identifying herself as their "daughter...Jennie."

Who are her real parents? How did this all happen? Well to start Janie looks at the milk carton at school and realizes that its her. In those old days instead of putting posters all around town, they put them on milk cartons. This book is about her adventures trying to find out who her real parents are. At the very end of the book it leaves you at a very big cliffhanger. There are more books in the series. The conflict in the book is when she realizes that she is living with complete strangers.  

These are the rest of the books in the series.

I think the authors purpose is to tell us to be a little more careful in public.

The setting of the book is a small town in Connecticut. Also in New Jersey.