Women finally obtained the right to vote in the 1920s. This decision led to women being more socially active, instead of simply listening to their husbands. They developed their own opinion on social issues, but they still kept their opinions hidden from their husbands.

During the time of the flappers the social idea of a women changed. Instead of being a possession that stayed in the house, the common women became viewed as a sexually liberated free spirit separate from their housework.

During WW2 women joined the workforce along with doing their normal job in their homes. Society realized they had an untapped potential in women that they were refusing to use. Once the men were gone at war they had no choice to look at the women for help in the factories making army supplies.

Japanese-American internment is and was one of the biggest breaches of human rights. Thousands of business and families were effected because our government was paranoid

Brown VS Board of Education was a landmark decision to de-segregate schools everywhere. The kids who were the first to go into the previously all white schools were met with mostly total resistance from the caucasian population which spring boarded the real push of equal rights

The 60's brought about the first generation that really pushed equal rights. JFK made equal rights a big topic in his debates and campaigning.

The 60's were home to some of the best human rights activists there ever were, minds like Martin Luther King Jr. flourished in the 60`s

While the 70`s didn't really have any progress in fighting for equality, they did house the public backlash of organizations that were created during the 60`s to help spread equal rights   

In the 70`s rock turned into rock music

The 80`s and 90`s punk/ rock music that showed their anger at "The Power" spread their message through their lyrics and rocker interviews instead of lobbying for laws.

In the 2000s we see a renewal of the fight for equal rights, with incidents like tray in Martin

My prediction is that we will see a new wave of feminism and equal rights for all

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