How-To: Embroidery Thread Wrapped Earrings

What You'll Need

  • Embroidery thread (DMC 6- strand floss for a smooth finish)
  • Inexpensive hoop earrings (Target has good options)
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors


  • Cut 40 inches of chosen embroidery thread colors for a large hoop, less for smaller hoops.
  • Start by placing a small bit of craft glue at the end of the hoop
  • Take desired embroidery thread colors and line them up parallel to the hoop, placing the end of the thread in the bit of glue
  • Choose the thread color you want to start with and begin wrapping it around the hoop. Make sure the other colors are being hidden by thte thread color that you want to have showing.
  • When you want to change colors, drop the first color parallel to the hoop and start wrapping the next color you'd like.
  • Repeat to change colors
  • When you get to the end place another small bit of glue. Wrap thread directly over that glue. Trim the embroidery thread colors as close the hoop as possible.