Edward Kennedy Ellington

over two thousand pieces of music wrote

Ellington and his first band

Duke Ellington's Life

Edward Kennedy Ellington was born April 28, 1889 in Washington, D.C. to Daisy and James Ellington; though no one would ever know his given name and he would forever be known as Duke. As a young boy Duke took an interest in baseball like most young boys of the era even after his fist piano lesson at the age of seven. His fist job was selling peanuts at the baseball stadium and this is were he performed his first act and learned to get over his stage fright. Attend Armstrong manual Training School studying commercial art. His love of music was rekindled while he was on vacation in Asbury Park, where Harvey Brooks was playing. It was in 1913 that he released his first of thousands of composers; he improved his piano skills and played at cafes and clubs throughout Washington. 1917 his first group was formed and a year later he moved into his own home and was the booking agent for his band; marrying Enda Thompson with a child Mercer coming along in March of 1919. In 1923 Ellington moved his family from Washington to New York gaining many fans through the power of radio and recording his first record that same year. Radio broadcast from the Cotton Club made the band famous across American along with a financial top and a band he could write for that would show case their talents. 1924 Ellington's first album was recorded just one short year after his first record and success. By 1927 Ellington had one of the hottest band around; in 1931 he left the Cotton Club and toured the U.S. and Europe. The ability Ellington and his band showed being able to go from the Jazz twenties to Singing thirties was what kept Ellington as a major influence of Jazz music up until 1974 when he passed away from cancer.

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