La Luna Serves A Wide Selection Of Tasty Wines Along With Seafood

This press release informs the readers that La Luna serves a wide selection of tasty wines along with seafood.

La Luna is a highly sought after restaurant for Gastronomique in Paris (gastronomic restaurant in Paris) that was established by Catherine Delaunay. She is dedicated to offering the best seafood to her customers at very affordable prices. 7 years ago, she was conferred “Hostess of the Year” by Gilles Pudlowski in the Guide Pudlo Paris. Her restaurant offers tempting starters, main courses, wines, and desserts, besides an array of finger licking menu dishes. The restaurant is well known for serving a variety of special dishes on different occasions, including Christmas, New Year, and more. La Luna is widely known for its exceptional and quick customer service, and mouth watering seafood.

This restaurant Coquillage(seashell restaurant) in Paris is the favorite place of people who want to eat succulent dishes prepared with fish, oysters, lobsters, and clams, etc. They also serve grilled fish that is cooked over coals using oysters, clams, prairies, and more. Individuals who are crazy about wines can also visit La Luna. It has a wide selection of tasty wines, and one of its popular wines is “Côte du Rhône Chaillées of Hell Condrieu 2008” that is characterized by aromas of white peach, apricot, and violet fragrance. Other wines that they serve to their customers, include Carafe of sparkling Vouvray (50cl), Côte de Gascogne "guillerman Domain" 2012 that was selected by Henri Dubosc q, and 1/2 bottle of Champagne Saint Gall.

About Restaurant La Luna

Located in Paris, Restaurant La Luna is amongst the best Restaurants in Paris. Nestled in an exotic location, the restaurant rates high in terms of everything – be it food quality, service, ambiance, or prices. It serves the guests with the best sea food and French dishes prepared using fresh ingredients. To check out the menu of the restaurant, feel free to browse through their official website i.e.