Self Reflection Kalob Johannsen

A brief summary of my career assesment

My Career Cluster Areas

My Key interest areas- RCE

My Key Interest Areas are:

R-Realistic people are doers. They are usually are good at athletics. They enjoy working with their hands.

Realistic people are usually good at solving problems. Their personality traits are probably curious, or persistent. They like to work with their hands. For hobbies they like to fix things or do things that are solving problems. They like to play sports and be outside and active.

C- Conventional are organizers. Their personality could be practical pr persistent. They like to work with numbers and follow instructions. They like to work with deadlines. They are good at following budgets.

E- Enterprising people are Persuaders. They are leaders and like to work with people.

Their personality are enthusiastic, talkative, adventurous. They like to start things and make decisions that effect others. they are good at selling things and promoting ideas.

Careers i would consider include.

  • Painters
  • construction

My personality Traits- ENTJ

My personalty traits include:

E-Extraverted people are focused. Extraverts enjoy social interactions and are enthusiastic. They like large gatherings and parties. they like to spend time with people.

Some personality traits are: assertive and talkative.

N-Intuition is how you process data. They process information through patterns and impressions. some characteristics are future focused and deep.

T-Thinking. refers to how you make desisions. they are rules by head instead of heart. some characteristics are logical, rational, and critical.


Judging is the preference displayed to everyone. They aren't necessarily judgmental they just like to show feelings and are organized mostly.They like to plan and settle things.

  • Characteristics include:
  • decisive
  • controlled organized

Careers I would like:

  • Cop
  • Mechanic
  • Army

My Strongest Skill Area

My strongest skill areas include:

Some of my areas are lodging manager, tile setter, supervisor of construction and operation engineer. I think that the construction one is right but that is the only one I can see myself doing. I also thing I might like the engineer.

Careers i would consider:

  • Supervisor of construction
  • operating engineer

My Most Important Values

My most important values include:

These are some of my most important values. Physical Challenge and Helping others is my main values. Challenging Problems, Exercise Competence, Creative expression, precision work, knowledge. independence, job tranquility, work under pressure, Excitement, advancement are some of my smaller not as good ones.

What I Learned About Myself

By completing the assessments I leaned the following about myself:

I learned that my interests and what I want to do are not exactly the same. I have learned that there are some jobs that I want to do that match what im good at but not all of them are. I have learned by my results that i should think about other jobs as well as the ones that I want to do.

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